Cryptid Guy

Cryptid Guy is a Cryptoid investigator - including Big Foot, Dogman, Mothman, and others - investigating in the greater Appalachia area.

Undisclosed WNC Location - JUNE 2018

This area of Western North Carolina is a Cryptid investigator's dream. There is food, water, and nobody around for miles. The Asheville Cryptid Society was contacted about some strange sightings by a local hiker who has been in this area for many years. During our investigation we found evidence of a large "animal" or possible Cryptid. We were satisfied with the evidence gathered in this area and hope to find more in the future as the activity continues. 

"Haunted Woods" - MARCH 2018

This undisclosed WNC we've dubbed the "Haunted Woods" after our experiences there. Our hypothesis is there was a territorial battle in this area to cause this kind of evidence. We've chosen these select photos to share with the public. 

Welcome to Our New Evidence Blog

Thank you for your interest and support for Cryptid Guy and the Asheville Cryptid Society. Previously, we had hosted our current investigations and evidence blog on the Asheville Cryptid Society website but have recently migrated here to the new Cryptid Guy website. In the coming year we will post about new areas and investigations as well as look back on our years of experience and evidence. We have several very exciting upcoming announcements on upcoming projects so please check back! Contact us here

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