Cryptid Guy

Cryptid Guy is a Cryptoid investigator - including Big Foot, Dogman, Mothman, and others - investigating in the greater Appalachia area.



Fringe Investigations

A podcast exploring topics on the fringe of this reality… hosted by the Cryptid Guy, “Tiny” of M&D Paranormal, and “Slim”.

Asheville Cryptid Society

The Cryptid Guy is the founder, director, and lead investigator of the Asheville Cryptid Society and has been on  the forefront of many successful research endeavors and expeditions.

M&D Paranormal

The Cryptid Guy and the Asheville Cryptid Society work closely with M&D Paranormal on investigations as cryptid and paranormal activity often coincide.


Asheville Masonic Temple


Joshua P. Warren

The Cryptid Guy has worked in conjunction with Joshua P. Warren for many years in the effort to study fringe phenomena and discover scientific explanations to that which cannot be explained.